ABC Burt Reynolds, Bertie Higgins entertain crowd at Florida Music Awards

 2017 Florida Music Awards Inductee - Rick Derringer

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Pictured: The Florida Music Awards Chairman, Wayne Koss with global phenomenon and Florida resident Yanni with a Florida Music Awards voting ballot, "The Choice is in your Hands" Florida Entertainment Industry.

Industry Voting begins November 15, 2017 with Public voting from the Florida Music Awards Website December 01, 2017    (Voting with Ballots will be located here)

Upcoming Florida Music Awards Inductee Arturo Sandoval Burt Reynolds honors Bertie Higgins at FMA kickoff party in Fort Lauderdale

 2017 Florida Music Awards Inductee - Rick Derringer

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2017 Florida Music Awards Inductee - Bertie Higgins with longtime fellow Floridian friend Burt Reynolds at the Florida Music awards Kickoff party at the Ocean Manor Resort of Fort Lauderdale Beach, USA   03/2017

"Immensely honored to be included in this Hall of Fame entourage." - Dana Paul

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Host Burt Reynolds provided Dana Paul with his Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame induction. 

The Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame VOTING PROCESS:

Artists and music industry personnel receiving award nominations and subsequently awards were meticulously gathered from internet balloting to Florida entertainment industry club promoters and bookers, agent’s producers, engineers, musicians, radio personnel with an equal proportion of ballots in each area of the state in effort to provide fairness.

The voting ballots host national and local artists that divide nationwide prominence artists a separate category than club acts that are on local regions within the state. This provides local scene acts an opportunity to share in the awards that don’t have the broad notoriety yet are equally talented.

The selected recipients this year are among the top in voting yet not necessarily in order of the highest number of votes. Due to major Florida artists tour routing across the globe and their recording schedules we will be honoring the artists and personnel whose schedule permits them to be present this year and participate. Therefore, other artists chosen to be honored for a Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Award can be honored next year or a following year.

This provides the artists, the Florida entertainment industry, fans and media to participate in honoring the chosen alongside capturing the moments on video for now and future generations of fans. The video will contain live performances from the event along with interviews and extra footage related to the awards recipients. The Florida Music Awards Hall of Fame concept is built around creating video for major broadcast and DVD that will chronical and represent the states significant artist other than having a brick in mortal building displaying their instruments or belongings.

We have expended multiple years of organizing artists, management and industry personnel on presenting this showcase the best way possible.

Each year we lay a stronger cornerstone where thousands of aspiring musicians, alongside seasoned devoted artists and music industry personnel from the state of Florida will be provided a substantial benchmark for industry honors and achievements.