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The venerable Florida Music Award’s activities are significant newsworthy events that encompass thousands of the State’s finest musicians and industry personnel. The events’ high appeal attracts statewide and international media attention among devout fans. Most importantly we are deeply supporting the arts and entertainment industry of Florida and by extension well beyond.  Moreover, recognizing and honoring deserving talent! That's what it’s all about.   This year's show line-up features several of the most treasured music artists/entertainers with strong Florida roots and associations with the state that have made an indelible mark in the entertainment world here and across the universe. 

Florida's Best Music Artists of Yesterday and Today will gather in South Florida in February


Jan. 17 - Show One

FMA - Country Showcase


Florida's Hot Music Scene will have a grand  stage this Year. A grand showcase is coming your way...

Celebrating Florida's Entertainment Industry


The Florida Music Awards Shows

The Florida Music Awards®

Hall of Fame Show - Annual Awards Showcase

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